Our mission is to empower and inspire child warriors battling cancer, so that they can become whoever or whatever they want to be WHEN they grow up. 


Our Beginning

I had this idea.  This idea that we could take a photo of a child who is fighting for their life, and transform that photo into so much more.  No seven year old should be able to pronounce the word neuroblastoma, let alone tell you everything about it.  We can’t change the fact that these kids and their families are going through something very difficult, but maybe we can give them something else.  Maybe we can give them hope.

Words from a parent.


“I want these kids to have a "normal" normal, even if it's for just 15 minutes during their photoshoot since their "regular normal" isn't.  I want their parents to watch their kid be a kid during the photoshoot.”

— Matt Meiers, FOUNDEr of so many angels

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Get Involved

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