I would absolutely recommend! The all around vibe when you are there is nothing but supportive, caring, and all around amazing. Maverick was 4 months old when he had his picture done and the lengths everyone went to to get the perfect shot while making him smile and blow bubbles was above and beyond! He can’t speak just yet but in the years to come he will always know how brave he was and have something that shows how special he is. This group of incredibly talented photographers give their time to make lots of families see their kids as the heroes and dreamers they are and that speaks volumes! So grateful for So Many Angels!


Yes we would recommend kids get their photos taken for sure and have been sharing with other childhood cancer families that we know. Leo seeing his photos for the first time was awesome!


You helped make the whole experience completely stress free!! You helped by coming to our home while Penelope was feeling her worst and you completely took our breath away by making her day and this journey look bright!!! When she opened her photo in the mail I remember her asking “this is all for me?” And when she saw this finished product she was speechless until she found the words and repeated “look how beautiful I am” “I love my picture”


Absolutely we’d recommend other families do this! Kohlton had a blast. He got to see his other chemo buddies there. He also got to dress up which is one of his favorite things to do. He was in the ER when he received his canvas which made his day. He wasn’t even phased by being at the hospital anymore. He now has his picture displayed in the living room so everyone that enters our house can see it. He also tells them all about So Many Angels and how amazing you all are!!


Kelsey loved doing this and it gave her something to be really excited about, during a time where she does not have a lot to be excited about. These kids go through so much stuff, between blood draws, specialist visits, missing school, therapists, etc. So Many Angels gives them a day that is just about them, and that is a wonderful thing. SMA also allows them to focus on what they want to be when they grow up, instead of worrying whether they will get to grow up. Not only was the photo shoot itself awesome, but then the day the image arrived was also a really great day. Now it hangs proudly in our home and she loves seeing it every day.

I would recommend all families going through difficult times, get a photo shoot with SMA. It will brighten a darker time for both the child and the parents.