Thank you for registering for a photo session with So Many Angels!

Our goal is to have a great time, get some great photos, and take some behind-the-scenes video of the photo sessions so that we may show other families what they can expect on photo day.

You are responsible for bringing a costume. There will be space available to change at the event. If you do not have a costume, please contact Costumes for Courage, they might be able to help! 

You will see us take multiple photos during your child’s session, the artwork we create is unique in that we only provide one final image, and our editors make every effort to turn it into a movie poster-quality image! We have been asked before if we provide the digital file. We do not, but we will share your child’s image on our social media and we encourage you to like/share/comment from there! We ask that you do not change anything, do not add filters, do not remove our watermark, and do not use the image for commercial purposes. If you would like to order additional canvases, (we even have a larger size!) or gift prints, please let us know and we will provide a link for you to place an order. When you order additional prints through So Many Angels you are helping us continue to provide photo session experiences similar to families like yours, and we appreciate it very much!

You will receive one 16×24 inch canvas print, ready to hang!

There is NO CHARGE to the families for the photo session and the canvas print!

All canvas prints will be presented at Third Eye Brewing Company following the Live Like Maya Golf Tournament on September 11.  

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you!

Matt Meiers

Founder of So Many Angels