What to expect during the photo session!

Our goal is to have a great time, get some great photos, and take some behind-the-scenes video of the photo sessions so that we may show other families what they can expect on photo day.

You are responsible for bringing a costume. There will be space available to change at the event. If you need a costume, please contact Costumes for Courage immediately and let them know your photo session date, they may be able to help.

After a few short instructions, we will start the photo sessions!

You will be met at check-in by a volunteer who will escort you to your photo station.

Then, the kiddos will take center stage, and we will take their photos! While we do not discourage photos or video being taken at the event, we really want you to sit back, relax, and watch your kid be a kid during their session!

There is NO CHARGE for this.

You will receive one (1) edited photo, and you will not see the edit until you see your canvas print!

You will receive one 16×24 inch printed, ready-to-hang canvas with the edited photo.

You will have the opportunity to purchase additional prints (of the one edited photo), which helps us continue to serve families like yours.

It may take up to 60 days for So Many Angels to deliver the canvas.

All canvases will be shipped to the address you provided on your information form unless other arrangements have been made.

You are encouraged to like/share/comment on So Many Angels’ social media posts.

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you!

Matt Meiers

Founder of So Many Angels