Photographers & Editors

Photographing and editing are at the core So Many Angels. Our amazing photographers and editors help bring children’s dreams to life!



  • Ability to volunteer approximately 1 day every 3 months (about 4-6 hours on site)
  • Camera
  • Lens (between 50mm - 105mm)
  • Backdrop stands
  • A green screen fabric
  • Minimum 3 studio lights with modifiers
  • Insurance of min. 1 million liability with So Many Angels named as an additional insured (you don't have to add us until after you're accepted!)
  • $50 non-refundable application fee


  • Ability to download RAW files
  • Ability to edit composites in a graphics editing program
  • Ability to upload completed files in a timely manner
  • No application fee!
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