2023 Imaging Headshots for Angels

Volunteer Photographer Release for So Many Angels at Imaging 2023 in Nashville

Upon submission, you will be directed to select a time slot for your session.

Session time will be CENTRAL time!

I agree to donate 30 minutes of my time during 2023 Imaging USA in Nashville, TN to photograph up to 3 different people who will be chosen by So Many Angels, by way of the highest bidder of an auction to be held online. 


I understand that I will have 15 minutes to set up the space as I see fit, and that I will use a memory card and camera, and lens provided by Canon. I agree to release the rights to these photos to the subject in the photos. I understand that I may delete any photos I want before turning files over, that I will provide a minimum of 3 photos, and that I am not responsible for any edits, but that I am free to do so if I choose.   (So Many Angels is requesting to handle files this way to help lessen the effort of the volunteer photographers.)  

I understand that So Many Angels will provide an Octobox, two strip lights, speedlight/hair light with gels, and a black or white backdrop, and that any other equipment needed is to be worked out before my time slot.

Maximum upload size: 134.22MB