SMA Likeness Release - Events - Mar 31 STL

I understand and agree that during my child’s participation in So Many Angels programming, its personnel will film and photograph my child both to provide my family with a customized photograph of my child and to document and promote its work as an organization. The resulting audio, video, photographs, and any transcript(s) of my or my child’s testimonials or interviews (“Likenesses”) will be owned by So Many Angels and may be edited and reproduced in any form for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial. 

I understand that through this release, I am authorizing So Many Angels to make still photographs and video or audio recordings of my child and to use them to promote its work. I understand that So Many Angels may authorize third parties to reproduce Likenesses by assigning its rights. 

 I understand and agree that these Likenesses will be used in publicly-available media, which may include audio recordings, blog posts, social media posts, printed publications, and any other format in electronic or hard-copy form. The Likenesses may be used to fundraise for So Many Angels. 

 I understand and agree that these Likenesses may be edited for length, clarity, artistic qualities, or visual appeal, and I authorize So Many Angels to use them in any and all media, without restriction, for any lawful purpose, commercial or non-commercial. 

 I understand and agree that I will NOT be compensated for my or my child’s participation or for the use of these Likenesses, and I am granting the rights herein in return for valuable consideration. I understand and agree that So Many Angels may profit financially from the use of these Likenesses and that I am not entitled to any share of royalties. 

 I release So Many Angels, as well as its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, donors, heirs, assigns, legal representatives, and licensees, from any and all claims or legal liability which may arise from the use of these Likenesses. I understand and agree that the consent given herein is given in perpetuity and that I will have no right to prior approval of Likenesses.