Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement Signing
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Please read and sign the Volunteer Agreement:


This Volunteer Policy has been developed to provide important information and guidelines. No one may begin volunteering for So Many Angels without signing and agreeing to this Policy. Potential volunteers will be screened prior to undertaking any activities on behalf of So Many Angels, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the volunteer to use their best judgment as to what they are able to do and all activities are undertaken at the volunteer’s own risk.

General Requirements

There is a $50 application fee for all volunteers who will be at events where children are being photographed. Volunteers agree to a background check, to be paid for and arranged for by So Many Angels. The $50 application fee does not apply to editors who will only be working remotely.

Volunteers agree not to post any work product or other images, recordings, writings, etc. to social media or any website without written permission from So Many Angels. Volunteers are free to share or repost from So Many Angels’ social media, however.

Volunteers are required to wear official shirts at events. One shirt will be included in the Volunteer Welcome Pack, and additional shirts may be ordered from www.somanyangels.org for a fee.

Any and all copyrights or other intellectual property generated by volunteers in the course of their volunteer work for So Many Angels are assigned to So Many Angels.

Supervision, Health & Safety

Volunteers will be directed by So Many Angels staff and should not undertake any tasks without consulting the appropriate supervisor. If there are any questions, volunteers may approach So Many Angels staff for clarification. If a volunteer is not able to complete volunteer tasks or hours that he or she has committed to, the volunteer should notify So Many Angels staff as soon as possible.

Volunteers’ efforts on behalf of So Many Angels are undertaken at the volunteers’ own risk, and volunteers are solely responsible for their own well-being. So Many Angels will not be responsible for any medical costs or legal liability which may arise from volunteers’ participation in its activities, nor will it be responsible for any damages caused to others by volunteers. Volunteers should only engage in activities at a pace appropriate for their own individual health and fitness levels.

Volunteers should exercise caution and behave in ways that encourage safe engagement by not only themselves, but also by those around them. Volunteers should never put themselves in situations in which they feel unsafe. If a volunteer is injured while engaging in activities on behalf of So Many Angels, he or she should promptly report that injury to a So Many Angels staffer. Recording of an injury does not constitute acceptance of any liability for the injury. Volunteers are responsible for guarding their own personal items. So Many Angels is not responsible for volunteers’ lost or stolen personal property.

Personal Conduct

So Many Angels depends on a positive reputation. Because volunteers’ behavior reflects on So Many Angels, volunteers are expected to have a professional demeanor and appearance, and to behave in an appropriate and polite manner. Inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to violations of this policy or applicable law, bullying, discriminatory remarks, or sexual harassment will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for immediate removal from the volunteer program. Any points of conflict between volunteers or with program participants should be promptly reported to So Many Angels staff.


While it is not expected that volunteers will handle confidential information, it is conceivable that they may be exposed to information of a sensitive or personal nature to So Many Angels, its staff, or the individuals So Many Angels serves. Volunteers must protect such information using at least the level of care they would use in protecting their own confidential information. This provision should not be read as interfering with mandatory reporter requirements or with volunteers making reports to authorities.


Volunteers with questions regarding tax deductibility of their volunteering expenses should consult a tax professional. Unless an expense has been expressly authorized in writing by the Board of Directors or the Executive Director in advance, volunteers are not eligible to seek reimbursement for their expenses. Volunteers do not receive any monetary compensation for their efforts. Volunteers understand and agree that volunteering is not a prerequisite for and is not a path to employment at So Many Angels.

Conflicts, Influence & Gifts

It is understood that volunteers have multiple commitments and affiliations in their communities. However, volunteers may not engage in activities that would undermine the work or success of So Many Angels, including but not limited to diverting donor funds, drawing away staff or other volunteers, or competing with So Many Angels.

Volunteers may not attempt to influence business decisions or political actions based on their participation in So Many Angels activities. Volunteers are not authorized to speak on behalf of So Many Angels or engage in any activities beyond those authorized by supervisors.

Volunteers may not accept any payments or gifts in return for volunteer service, whether from those So Many Angels serves, So Many Angels affiliates, or outside entities.


So Many Angels values the on-the-ground experiences of volunteers, and welcomes input on how to improve the organization’s programs and operations. Volunteers should feel free to make suggestions to So Many Angels staff, as long as such suggestions are made in a constructive and polite manner. If a volunteer wishes to make an anonymous suggestion, it may be mailed to the So Many Angels’ registered office.

Cessation of Volunteer Relationship

The volunteer relationship may be terminated by either So Many Angels or the volunteer, for any reason. Upon termination of that relationship, the volunteer must return any property, documents, or information belonging to So Many Angels within seven (7) calendar days.

Release of Liability

In agreeing to this Volunteer Policy (by signing the Volunteer Agreement), volunteers expressly release So Many Angels, as well as its staff, board members, heirs, assigns, and licensees, from any liability for any loss of property or personal injury incurred while volunteering for So Many Angels.

For Photographers

Volunteer photographers must carry liability insurance of $1 million or more, must list So Many Angels as an additional insured, and must provide a certificate of such insurance to So Many Angels prior to volunteering.

After the photo shoot, all RAW images must be uploaded to designated folders through the file service designated by So Many Angels within 24 hours of the event.

Volunteers should politely decline any requests for family photos or photos which are not usually a part of the So Many Angels experience. Families are advised that So Many Angels photo sessions are only for the child battling cancer or going through remission. Never solicit family photo sessions from families at the events. If you are asked, you may exchange contact information and discuss such sessions away from the events.

For Editors

Volunteer editors must have images completed within three days and must follow editor guidelines as provided.

Volunteer Policy Agreement *
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I hereby authorize So Many Angels or its designees to take and use photographs of me and use any statements I may make in support of the organization. I understand and agree that my name and likeness may be used in publicly-available media to promote the work of So Many Angels.

I also understand and agree that such photographs and statements may be edited for visual appeal or clarity, and authorize So Many Angels to use them in any and all media, without restriction, for any lawful purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and to assign its rights hereunder to any person or entity of its choosing.

I understand and agree that I will not be compensated for my participation or for the use of my likeness or statements, and release So Many Angels and its heirs, assigns, affiliates, and licensees from any and all claims which may arise from their use. I understand and agree that the consent given herein is given in perpetuity and that I will have no right to prior approval of specific uses.

By signing below, I understand and agree to abide by the contents of this Volunteer Agreement and the incorporated Volunteer Policy.